Speaker/Teacher Volunteers Wanted

We just launched a new curriculum in the Cass County Jail; Felon Entrepreneurship. 


Due to the average stay at Cass County Jail is 3 weeks, this will only be part of the curriculum. During the three weeks we will be looking to people in the community to come in and speak on certain parts of the curriculum and sharing their experience. This experience could be in business, family, recovery or a variety of other things. I believe that the life of an entrepreneur can be applied to all aspects of life. Thinking outside of the box of a dad. Coloring outside of the lines in recovery. Starting with nothing, and creating a cash flowing business. 


If you are interested in being a volunteer Speaker/Teacher during the process of this curriculum, please fill out the contact form.

In the form, please add this info below


Experience wanting to speak on:

Why you want to volunteer:

Can you commit to 2 hours for a meeting once a week for three months?

Are you a felon (This won’t exclude you, it may help)?