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Giving Hearts Day for F5

Giving Hearts Day for F5

We compiled the data for the last 12 months.

We have a 7% recidivism rate. The national rate is around 67%…

Our definition of recidivism is this:

Going back to jail for a new crime or for probation revocation(no one adds anything to this number except new crimes), while ever living at the F5 house. The only thing we don’t add, is if people turn themselves in for old warrants. We view that as growth.
So regardless of how long of stay, 1 week or 6 months, or have transitioned out, we record that. (Most places only include people that complete the program)
Why? Because we don’t think it’s fair to just keep the “success” numbers and use those. We want to make our community better, not just look good as a organization. Plus, we are not a program, we are a family, a lifestyle, a group of people that want to connect with others and expand our family.
So no matter how long you stayed with us, no matter how long you are sober/clean, no matter if you have a job, or have your family, or whatever. If you choose us, we will choose you. As long as you put effort into the family, we will too.
Success should never define a friendship. Only good attitudes and good effort. If you say you’re apart of the family, you’re apart of the family. It’s the only way long term change happens.

Besides, our numbers are good anyway.

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