Be Your Own CEO : Business Coaching Day

Yesterday, I participated in F5 Project’s Business Coaching Day. It was a great opportunity to help budding entrepreneurs as they make plans to do big things!

Interestingly enough, I always feel like I get more out of giving than I feel I give. Almost like giving is multiplied and reflected back on oneself.

We did an activity called Step to the Line where you step forward every time you identify with a statement.
– Have you committed a crime and not been caught?
– Have you had a parent in prison?
– Do you know someone close to you that was killed by gang violence?
– Did you grow up with both biological parents in your home?
– Are you judging yourself or others right now?
– Do you have a high school degree?

It was an emotional experience as we shared things with each other …without saying a word. By the end, there was no way to be judgemental. Everyone identified with everyone in some way or another and as we discussed the experience, I struggled to hold back tears as memories were triggered.

Thank you F5 Project for letting me participate!

Jodi Satkunam

Photo credit to Lauren Renée Starling