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Can I vote or have my felonies removed? Am I truly free?

There has been a ton of new laws added in a variety of states. Especially North Dakota as it relates to the restoration of rights to those formerly incarcerated. Below you will find what the Federal, and a few state guidelines for that. Support F5 Project by wearing our gear!! Federal: Loss & restoration of … Read More

Response to Dickinson Press article

Prison candy… See I can do clickbait titles too.. This is in response to the recent article “ From pizza parties to game nights: Internal documents, statements reveal allegations of reform failure at North Dakota state prison” “Internal documents, surveys, and statements suggest otherwise” this is the first comment made by a reporter that is … Read More

Awesome F*&$ing Story – F5 Project

  A raw inside look at F5 Project. Please share this video. Felons helping felons return to the city they came from. Our staff is the lived expereince that is so badly needed with re-entry. Awesome F*$%king Story Credits: Notion Media F5 Project Folks in Doc: Kristy Johnson, Ben Stechmann, Braden Sipe, Adam Martin, David … Read More

How to support F5 for GHD 2018

Video contest, go to the VISIONBank website ( and vote for us! Please share after you vote! Hustling to get kids back, hustling to get a great job, hustling to get your own safe place to call home, hustling to stay clean and sober, hustling to be better to your ex, hustling to be an … Read More

Erasing Stigma- Giving Hearts Day 2018

Here is the new video! Please watch and let me know what you think! Share the heck out of this and it will help us for the upcoming Giving Hearts Day campaign. Its our first year, so we are going to need all the help we can get. Our goal is to become sustainable and … Read More

Giving Hearts Day for F5

We compiled the data for the last 12 months. We have a 7% recidivism rate. The national rate is around 67%… Our definition of recidivism is this: Going back to jail for a new crime or for probation revocation(no one adds anything to this number except new crimes), while ever living at the F5 house. … Read More

If you want a new life, just get it done

At F5 Project, we pride ourselves with the title of this post. We are not prone for asking for permission, or waiting for a response. A lot of times we don’t even know if we will have the money to do something or not. Sometimes we upset people because we didn’t wait. This is why … Read More

End of the Year

I’m sure you are getting a lot of people reaching out to you for end of the year donations. I’m sure when you opened the up, you thought I would ask you too. I won’t.  Instead, I just want to give an update of everything we’ve done this year because of your support, and at … Read More

A conversation between a Felon and a Judge

The idea of the war on drugs was to lock up drug dealers, save lives and create safe communities. Sounds like the perfect plan to make drugs go away, and hold those accountable that were creating the problem. But it didn’t work. Supply and demand was not taken into consideration, and the problem is worse … Read More