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Supports Employing people in need

We know more than most what is essential —access to safe housing, community, and employment.  Housing keeps people out of jail the first year after release. Employment can keep them out of prison for many years beyond.

This is the cycle of recidivism: When someone has a conviction history, their job application is met

with greater scrutiny and bias. They’re less likely to have employment. Lacking employment, they can be pushed to commit or recommit offenses out of necessity or stress.

We meet our people where they’re at. We go to the jails, prisons & recovery centers to help educate them on the resources they’ll need upon leaving their facility.


Once they are released, they come straight to us. We can offer grace and address immediate, one-time needs or work with people to create a plan.


We can share employment resources or help people become a part of our employment programs.  Learn more about our second chance employment program below.

1 in 3 Americans

have a criminal record, ranging from minor offenses to extensive conviction histories.

in lost GDP

People with
criminal convictions

barriers to employment

How the F5 Project

works with Second Chance Employers

86% of people at re-arrest did not have a job.

People lacking employment can be pushed to commit or recommit offenses out of necessity or stress. The Good News: Employment helps people exiting the jail and prison system become economically stable, and it dramatically reduces their likelihood of returning to the system. As a hiring manager, business leader, or HR leader, this is where you can make an impact and help break the cycle of recidivism. Second Chance Employers that F5 have found to have a good culture and believe in second chances

Fair Chance Hiring and Training

If you are interested in having your team be training on how to employ those coming out of prison, please get in touch with us, and we can set up a training seminar for management. You will be trained in peer support, what to watch for, and how to best serve your employees with substance use and mental health issues.

Join us and normalize Fair Chance Hiring.

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An F5 Second Chance Employment Partner

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Let’s have a conversation about what it might look like to have F5 program participants help you do your company’s work. They’re strong, intelligent, determined, and willing.

Moving Forward

We have an internal job board that we use to advertise to those who are improving their lives after incarceration. If you wish to place a job opening on our board, you can pay a membership fee for advertising across the state of ND on our channels. The cost for this is $50 a month.

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