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Housing Incentive Fund

The F5 project is committed to providing housing to those who have demonstrated they deserve it.

F5 Housing 
Incentive Fund

The F5 Project has launched a Housing Incentive Fund to encourage property managers and landlords to rent to people experiencing re-entry barriers. The fund is a second chance for people with housing barriers to have stable housing.

The program is formal partnership between housing providers, F5 Project, and persons with barriers to housing.

Landlords who opt into the fund are covered for physical and operational costs of up to $2,000 for up to 6 months. The goal for this program is to take a chance on someone who normally wouldn’t be approved due to background and/or credit. We take a chance by cosigning, landlords take a chance by leasing. 

F5’s Housing Incentive Fund Advisory Board makes all acceptance and denial decisions. Participation requirements are listed below. 

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F5 Housing
Incentive Fund

Built in Support

The applications come from people who are currently in or graduating from the F5 Housing Program (live in an F5 House) 

F5 Project acts as a communication bridge between landlord and tenant. Once our particants completes our program, they submit an application to the fund advisory committee.

Once F5 approves the application, we engage the landlord and let them know we are willing to use the fund for the partipants. 

Landlord Protection

Landlords and property managers who agree to rent to people in the program can recoup funds lost due to unpaid rent or excessive damage to units. There is a process for reimbursment. 

How to apply for the F5 Housing Incentive Fund 

1. Must be a participant in the housing program of F5 Project.
2. Must complete at least 6 months and receive certificate from our F5 housing director.
3. The participant completes the Application Form for fund.
4. Applicant agrees to receive on-going housing peer-support for the time in the fund.
5. Client and F5 locate a landlord or property manager willing to rent to the client within the rules of the program.
6. Participant provides the landlord with a copy of the housing certificate and approval for fund and provides the landlord’s contact information to F5.
7. Landlord, F5 and participant have meeting to discuss prospective apartment.
8. Final signatures on agreement between F5, landlord and participant.


Application Form & Agreement

Use this form to apply for the F5 Housing Incentive Fund project. 

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Landlord Info and Program Agreement

This is information for Landlords in the program and a form for them to use upon lease signing.

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Click the link below to get access to Frequently Asked Questions. 

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–Once the participant has signed a lease agreement, the participant will notify the F5 Project of successful rental and the property manager’s information by submitting a copy of the lease and the check-in inspection form to the F5 Project.
–F5 provides on-going housing case management for the time the participant is in the program (up to one year).
–The F5 staff will track who is enrolled in the program, claims made against the fund, and participation of landlords/property managers.


–F5 agrees to follow the tenant for the length of time the tenant is enrolled in the program (up to one year). (Enrollment in the fund can be discontinued by the tenant at any time but this MUST be conveyed to F5 Project.)
–F5 agrees to help the participant find housing; explaining the program and its benefits and referring the Landlord to the website or the F5 Project if more information is needed.


–Sign a lease with the participant and provide a copy of the lease to the particpant, F5,.
–If tenant defaults on lease or damages the property in excess of the damage deposit, contact the F5 Project to file a claim.

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