Darby | Uncategorized | December 27, 2016

Felons listen up. This is your weekly #HustleHarder post.

You have a bunch of crimes on your background check. Your work history is spotty. Credit check is screwed. And… now you want a career.

Most employment agencies wont even help you. Well, maybe if you want daily labor pay or something. Good luck with that.

Kind of a downer tonight.

Good news is, I’ve seen tons of crooks use the same gifts I see successful people use. I’ve even seen some of you do it better, once it was unleashed.

I know tons of guys in jail that built small empires though crimes. Drugs, stolen cars, stolen identities, and fighting. All of these platforms of cash-flow all took plans, goals, seizing opportunities, persistence, surrounding yourself with the right people and most of all Hustle.

When you are looking for a job use that same Hustle. Knock on every employers door in town. Don’t hang up the phone, just keep dialing. Use social media to your benefit, not to bitch about your baby mama. Create a LinkedIn and start connecting with the people that you meet, and send them follow-up messages. Get as many email addresses as you can, and hit them up. Think outside of the box for God’s sake. You have nothing to lose by trying things to get peoples attention. They already know you because of Google. I know a guy that would buy McMuffins and take them with him when he was looking for a job. He would walk into the companies HQ and say “Tell the hiring manager that I have an McMuffin for him, all he has to do is interview me” I knew another guy that made videos and sent them to the marketing firm’s CEO. He was hired. Both felons.

The point of this blog is to encourage you to step up. You have all the talents inside you to win, use them.  We got you back.




Resources Are Available

There are a wide variety of community resources also available for those in need. Find resources for recovery, employment, housing and shelters, and more on our resources page.