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Peer Support


peer support for people in need

The F5 Project is proud of the work that it does to support the people we serve. One thing that makes our services valuable is our shared experience. We have been where they are. 

Peer support is for anyone. 

We share our lived experiences to help others use their inner wisdom. We tell them what worked for us and help them find solutions that will work for them.


We meet our people where they’re at. We go to the jails, prisons & recovery centers to help educate them on the resources they’ll need upon leaving their facility. 


Once they are released, they come straight to us. Peer support is available to everyone. It can address an immediate need or we can add participants to a more formal plan.  


Peer support does not replace medical treatment providers. But it is F5 staff who have been in those shoes and got new ones. We can help you with your goals.

Are you struggling with mental health issues or addiction?  Peer support can help.

Person Centered

F5 Project Peer Support

What is it?

Peer support is when a person with a lived experience helps others by using their story to connect and offer support.

F5 has peer support specialists that specialize in alcoholism, drug addiction,
mental health, compulsive gambling, and former incarceration. We use our
lived experiences to offer hope and show you that there is another way.

How does it work?

This support helps the individual identify which solutions are best for them to meet their goals. Weekly or monthly meetings can be set up with an F5 Staff Peer Support provider.

Who is it for?

Peer support is for anyone that is struggling mentally.

We often feel alone and that no one understands but peer
support specialists are here to support you during your tough times.

Having experienced the depths of addiction and mental health themselves, our peer support specialists listen without judgement.

Free Through


F5 Project is a provider of Free Through Recovery, a formal program offered through the state of North Dakota. It’s focused on getting participants 1) Stable employment 2) Housing 3) Recovery and keeping them 4) law abiding. 

We have employees on staff who are certified through the state as Care Coordinators & Peer Support Specialists. 

In order to qualify for Free Through Recovery you have to be on probation or parole and be referred through your parole officer. 

If you are not on probation or parole, contact Scott  (Scott@f5project.org) about individualized Peer Support. If you want to learn more about receiving support through Free Through Recovery at F5 Project, you can learn more below.

Learn More About Free Through Recovery