Our Story

After his fifth felony, Adam Martin thought, “There must be more to life than this.” That was the beginning of pursuing change in his own life. Because of his shared experiences, he became a resource for other individuals coming out of jail by providing personalized support to incarcerated individuals to deter repeat offenses.

As his efforts grew, so did the need for a meaningful name. Working in the tech industry, Adam was familiar with the function keys on a computer keyboard. The keys F1 through F12 provide a variety of short cuts to make life easier. However, F5 resonated with Adam for two reasons: it reminded him of his own past of having five felonies, but it also is the key to refresh. No matter what data you have on your computer screen, when you hit F5 - it refreshes or reloads the page. F5 stands to give every individual with a background a fresh start.

What began in 2016 as a way of improving the lives of formerly incarcerated individuals in Fargo, ND, the non-profit has evolved into a statewide initiative to bridge resources and provide full-spectrum services to people struggling with incarceration, mental health, and addiction. We are passionate about the human struggle, the endeavor to recreate stories, and know the power of empathy and grace to refresh lives.

Mission & Vision


F5 Project aims to disrupt the cycle of crime, addiction, and isolation through individualized care that fosters resilience and restores hope. 


With our mission as our guiding force, we want to create a space where every person has the opportunity to thrive, no matter their background.

The team at the F5 Project has an awesome f*©k!n% story

Some of our employees have similar experiences that our participants are experiencing, which is their reason for engaging in the mission. Their personal stories is what makes F5 Project different, it reminds and encourages us that change is possible.

DelaRae’s Story

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Part 2

ADAM’s Story


F5 Project has a presence across all of North Dakota with offices in 8 different cities ready to help provide support.

Devils Lake
Moorhead, MN
Grand Forks