We’re Here To Help.

We are constantly working on forming partnerships with businesses, landlords, care providers, shelters, recovery programs and more to provide assistance, resources and services to those looking for change.

At F5 Project, we provide a wide range of services to help individuals get back on their feet, restore purpose, foster healing, and rebuild stronger communities. Here’s a list of services we provide:


To succeed after incarceration or treatment, having a safe and supportive environment is key! Stable housing provides improved outcomes surrounding employment, health, education, recovery, staying law-abiding, and a person’s overall well-being. Our Transitional Living Program offers Men's and Women's housing in supportive homes across North Dakota and one in Moorhead, Minnesota.



Employment is a cornerstone of stability and recovery. It is directly tied to reducing recidivism and supporting positive self-image and growth. Employment offers an alternative to negative methods to make money or survive as well as provides stability that keeps individuals out of prison for many years to come.


The 1915(i) is a Medicaid program that allows individuals with behavioral health conditions to access supportive home and community-based services. This program is designed to provide a wide variety of services to those who need it through the collaboration of multiple providers.


Free Through

Free Through Recovery is a community based behavioral health program designed to increase recovery support services to individuals involved with the criminal justice system who have behavioral health concerns. This program is designed to support individuals with recovery services, peers support and care coordination.


Community Connect is a state-sponsored, community based behavioral health program designed to assist individuals living with a mental health or substance use disorder find their own recovery. This program is designed to support individuals with recovery services, peers support and care coordination.


Are Available

There are a wide variety of community resources also available for those in need. Find resources for recovery, employment, housing and shelters, and more on our resources page.

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If you don’t see the service or resources you’re looking for, contact us. Everyone is an individual, which means each path is going to be different. We want to help get you connected to your next step.