Everyone Needs a
place to call home

To succeed after incarceration or treatment, having a safe and supportive environment is key! Stable housing provides improved outcomes surrounding employment, health, education, recovery, staying law-abiding, and a person’s overall well-being.   

Our Transitional Living Program has supportive homes across North Dakota and one in Moorhead, Minnesota. These houses offer a safe, warm place to call home that is conducive to reintegrating back into the community and building a support system. Our program utilizes a phase system for our housing participants. The purpose of this system is to offer structure, yet independence as individuals continue their process of transiting into everyday life.  

 Our team supports all pathways to recovery, such as but not limited too: 12 Step, Faith-based, Smart Recovery, Refugee Recovery, Medicated Assisted Treatment, Peer Recovery Support - you name it! F5 Project cheerleads for our participants while we assist in identifying what pathway works for them and supporting them along the way. 





Apply for F5's Transitional Living Program. Once an application is submitted, applicants will be interviewed to see if the program is a good match! If it's not a good fit, our team can help provide other options based on income, background, and credit requirements.



Take part in the housing program! With your wellness as the number one priority, individuals advance through the phase system with honesty, support, and empowerment the entire way.



Individuals are encouraged to continue to build supportive relationships and healthy habits. Once an individual is ready to find independent housing, we work alongside them to find stable, long-term housing as they continue their journey and create the life they want to lead. 


F5 Project has a variety of housing for our Transitional Living Program in 5 different cities.


Men's Housing Programs:

  • Bismarck, ND
  • Grand Forks, ND
  • Fargo, ND
  • Minot, ND
  • Moorhead, MN

Women's Housing Programs:

  • Fargo, ND


Our housing program fees $640 per month which covers program and living costs (rent, utilities, wifi, etc!). There is assistance available.

We ask for a minimum commitment of 4 months, with most housing participants typically staying for around 1 year. Everybody's situation varies so much - we want to see individuals utilize this program as a launchpad to become stable in their transition and able to manage finances, relationships, and their overall wellbeing! 

We are unable to accept anybody who has any sex crimes, crimes against children, and numerous serious assaults. Depending on various assault charges, we do try to look at each situation as uniquely as possible. We will of course help individuals find housing resources elsewhere depending on their needs! 

Aside from the background requirements listed above, we ask that individuals be sober from substance use and/or alcohol use for at least 30 days, have no pending charges, and have completed required treatments. 

Please check out our phase system here. This highlights the expectations we have of our housing participants. Your honest commitment to the program, recovery and wellness are the biggest requirements! 

Our application process must be completed online. Once an application is completed, your application will be reviewed. If approved, you’ll be put on a waiting list and notified when housing becomes available.

The application process is all online, with the link below! Depending on the timeline of housing needs and space in our program, one of our housing coordinators will reach out after the initial application screening and set up an interview! 

You can either complete the online application online for them, with them on the phone OR communicate with their case worker at the facility they are located at to coordinate an online application being completed. Our housing coordinators can then set up an interview with them through their case workers.

Financial SUPPORT

F5 Project is a provider of the Recovery Housing Assistance Program (RHAP), which can which can potentially financially support your first 12 weeks of program fees in one of our North Dakota transitional living homes if you qualify!


RHAP is a North Dakota state-funded option for individuals wanting to initiate and sustain recovery efforts in a safe, stable living environment. This program pays up to 12 weeks of recovery housing expenses for eligible, enrolled individuals.


Resources Are Available

There are a wide variety of community resources also available for those in need. Find resources for recovery, employment, housing and shelters, and more on our resources page.