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#FreedomFriday     Supporting your fellow man is how you both succeed! Today’s #FreedomFriday is in recognition of one of our participants, Cody Enwesi, who has not only completed our Housing Program but has already used his certificate to get keys to his own place through Goldmark Property Management! Below is a short message from Cody: “It’s official and…
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Update on record reform law in North Dakota

Since House Bill 1256 became law; NDCC Ch. 12-60.1 there has been some controversy over the interpretation of the law. So much so that cases with similar facts have been treated differently. Some are being petitions to seal have been granted and some have not. State Attorneys believe they have the right interpretation of the…
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How to seal your criminal records in North Dakota.  As you read through this you will find that it can be a little complicated. It is highly recommended that you retain an attorney for any court preceding. Otherwise, you will have to go one on one with the state attorney in front of a judge. …
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300+ COVID-19 cases and 8 deaths in Michigan Prisons. How they are all on death row now.

We have gotten word that there is around 364 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases and 8 deaths in Michigan Department of Corrections facilities. Most of them in Jackson County Parnell Correctional Facility where 144 inmates have COVID-19. last updated by the MDOC on April 10th 549 inmate tests, 364 have tested positive, 179 tested negative, 12…
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Newest Graduate from F5

  I recently became involved with F5 in December of 2019. I was in Cass. County Jail serving a 180-day sentence for my third felony possession. I went to the facility’s F5 meeting because I had done treatment with Ld Wells in prison in Minnesota. I was sitting in the group already grateful for the…
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Raw Executive Director

So, in the past I didn’t make the best of decisions. Many of those decisions affected my kids. For starters I would go from job to job and never pay my child support. I racked up huge arrears due to being a crappy dad and not taking care of my own kiddos. At one point…
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Chiseled Grace

Full transparency, this may piss people off. But it’s on my heart. I have a guy that I am mentoring that got two DUIs this week. I met him a while back when he came to us looking for a place to live and we obviously took a chance. (I always think it’s funny that…
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Criminal Record Seal Law North Dakota

Until recently, there has been no process in North Dakota for citizens who have been convicted of non-violent and/or non-sexual offenses to have their convictions sealed from public viewing regardless of how long ago the offenses happened or how minor they were. However, a new law that becomes effective on August 1, 2019, fixes that…
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One Participants Story..

Aron Ogden watched the door of his jail cell close, sure that he was destined for a life behind bars. For many people, doors symbolize a new beginning. For Aron, the locking sound of the cell reinforced a story he told himself many times over. He was certain he would die behind bars. By the…
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F5 Christmas Dinner

All employees and participants both past and present, your families and the pubic were invited to 2019 Holiday Dinner. Hosted by Kris Carlson and F5! We had an amazing turnout! F5 Family wishes you and yours a HAPPY HOLIDAY season!