The State of Grace

Adam Martin | F5 Project Events | April 6, 2023

Event Details

Location: Blarney Stone Downtown (101 Broadway N, Fargo, ND 58102)
Thursday, April 27th


Learn more about how F5 Project is impacting our communities at our State of Grace Breakfast!

The truth is that North Dakotans face challenges everyday. Here’s a quick look at the facts from ND Behavioral Health Department:

  • 37.6% of North Dakotans report knowing someone who suffers from an addiction
  • 18.95% of North Dakota Adults who needed treatment for substance use did not receive treatment at a specialty facility
  • 91% of North Dakotans agree that adult alcohol use is a problem in their community
  • 25.79% of North Dakotans, approximately 148,000 individuals, reported experience with a mental illness
  • One in ten (10.2%) North Dakotans are currently living in poverty


However, there is hope – and F5 Project is a part of the solution. Our mission is to eliminate overdose, suicide and crime through empowering recovery, reducing recidivism, and fighting poverty. We work to provide individuals struggling with incarceration, homelessness, mental health and addiction with the resources they need to feel supported to restore purpose, foster healing, and build stronger communities.

Join us at our State of Grace Breakfast on April 27th at 7:30am to hear about opportunities that are being created across the region to give resources and grace to those who need it. At this event, you’ll be able to learn about our mission and understand how you and your business can get involved – all while you enjoy breakfast from the Blarney Stone Downtown.


To RSVP, please email Carrie Pierce at with the organization you’re representing (if applicable) and how many seats you’d like reserved.



If you’re interested in sponsoring this event, you’d be help cover the cost of the meal, we’d love to hear from you! Your dollars help us keep moving our mission forward. Please Carrie Pierce at

Resources Are Available

There are a wide variety of community resources also available for those in need. Find resources for recovery, employment, housing and shelters, and more on our resources page.