You may have heard about F5 Project in the local media, social media posts or directly from its founder, Adam Martin. Martin is a five-time felon turned entrepreneur who is working to change the lives of prisoners while in confinement and prepare them to break the cycle of crime and foster the reuniting of families.

F5 Project believes what happens in one's past does not need to determine one's future. With ongoing communication, safe and affordable housing, employment, healthy socialization and transportation, F5 helps transition citizens from confinement to a new life. Currently, F5 Project serves former offenders of Cass County, North Dakota.

Opportunity Ball 2020

Join us for our annual event! Featuring a Silent Auction, Dinner, Speakers and Raffles!

Give Support Get A Shirt

There is a fine line between felon and entrepreneur. Both are willing to take risks. Both are willing to be resourceful. Both are willing to think outside the box. But hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle.

When you donate $25 or more to F5 Project, you’ll receive a “Hustle Harder” t-shirt or hoodie. Funds from these donations will help F5 Project participants focus their hustle on their new lives instead of their basic needs.